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Globtel’s number services offer unparalleled flexibility and reach for businesses aiming to establish a robust communication network. With options ranging from local and national numbers that foster a community presence, to toll-free numbers enhancing customer accessibility without cost to them, Globtel ensures your business is equipped for any engagement strategy. Universal institutional numbers provide a seamless connection for large entities, while mobile and fixed numbers cater to personal and office needs respectively. Shared cost and domestic premium numbers offer innovative revenue opportunities through calls. This suite of services is designed to tailor your communication infrastructure to the diverse needs of your customer base, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to accessibility, professionalism, and global reach.

Building on Globtel's extensive range of number services, these offerings are meticulously designed to match every communication need of modern businesses, ensuring a seamless and efficient connection with their audience worldwide.

Globtel’s comprehensive number services cater to businesses seeking to establish a strong presence across various markets. Offering a diverse range of number options, including local, national, toll-free, universal institutional, mobile, fixed, shared cost, and domestic premium phone numbers, Globtel empowers organizations with the flexibility to choose the optimal communication solution. These services are designed to enhance customer engagement, provide wider accessibility, and ensure a professional image for businesses aiming to expand their reach and improve service accessibility globally.

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Whether you require voice services, traffic transit, call center solutions, or enterprise numbers, Globtel has you covered.

Prevent Fraud and Ensure Network Security

Our advanced fraud prevention measures, including SIM box detection, roaming network testing, and AI-based scam and spam recognition, keep your communication secure.

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Local phone numbers are telephone numbers assigned to a specific geographic area, such as a city or town. They are typically used for local calling within that area.

National phone numbers are telephone numbers that are not tied to a specific geographic area. They can be used for national or long-distance calling within a country.

Universal institutional numbers are phone numbers that are used by organizations or institutions for specific purposes, such as customer support or emergency hotlines.