Globtel GmbH at World Telemedia Show

We are delighted to announce that the Globtel GmbH team will be participating in the upcoming World Telemedia Show, taking place in Marbella from 8th to 10th October 2018. As a leading telecommunications company, our primary objective is to assist growing markets in successfully implementing telco services.

At Globtel GmbH, we recognize the significance of the World Telemedia Show as a prominent event that brings together industry experts, stakeholders, and innovators in the field of value-added services (VAS), carrier billing, payments, content monetization, and more. This show provides an exceptional platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and forging valuable partnerships.

Our team is excited to contribute our expertise, experience, and comprehensive suite of telco services to help businesses navigate the evolving telecommunications landscape. We understand the unique challenges faced by growing markets and are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and maximize revenue streams.

During the World Telemedia Show, we look forward to engaging with industry professionals, exchanging insights, and exploring opportunities to collaborate on projects that will shape the future of telecommunication services. We are eager to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for innovation and are committed to leveraging the power of telecommunications to unlock new business possibilities.

If you are attending the World Telemedia Show, we invite you to visit our booth and meet our team. We are available to discuss your specific needs, provide expert guidance, and showcase our range of telco services designed to propel your business forward. Together, let’s embrace the potential of telecommunication services and drive success in growing markets.

We are thrilled to be part of this esteemed event and look forward to a productive and inspiring World Telemedia Show in Marbella. See you there!

An update from 02-11-2019

The World Telemedia Show in Marbella, held from 8-10 October, was a phenomenal success, despite the unpredictable weather conditions of sun, rain, thunder, and lightning. With a staggering attendance of 523 delegates from 53 countries, the event took place at the H10 hotel and pool area, providing a vibrant platform for networking, learning, and conducting significant business deals in the realm of value-added services (VAS), carrier billing, payments, content monetization, premium apps, cybersecurity, affiliate marketing, and messaging.

One of the highlights of the event was the extravagant networking events, which surpassed expectations. Attendees were treated to unforgettable experiences at the Gold and Platinum Sponsor parties. The parties featured mesmerizing live performances by “blue-man” style drummers, daredevil acts by Cirque du Soleil, fire-breathing spectacles, award-winning mixologists, top-notch DJs, luminous violins, carnival dancers, and even a mesmerizing Mirror Man. Video highlights of these captivating moments can be found on our Facebook page, showcasing why the World Telemedia Show stands out as the ultimate entertainment destination.

However, amidst the festivities, the event also focused on business matters. World Telemedia successfully fills a void in the mobile/digital world that other events struggle to address. While Hall 8.1 at Mobile World Congress attempts to cover similar ground, it is the unique gathering in Marbella that brings together all stakeholders, allowing for in-depth discussions on the driving forces behind the value chain and facilitating the creation of commercial dynamics through deal-making.

Several topics took center stage at the event, with carrier billing emerging as a prominent theme. Although long-time attendees of World Telemedia may find it amusing, carrier billing is now gaining substantial market share. The implementation of PSD2 across Europe has contributed to its growth, with applications ranging from ticket purchases, parking, and subscriptions to popular services like Spotify, Netflix, and Microsoft games and software. The Asian market has embraced carrier billing even more rapidly, enabling users to buy physical goods from Amazon using this payment method. Mobile Squared predicts that the global carrier billing market will reach a value of approximately $14 billion this year, with expectations of reaching $30 billion by 2022, driven primarily by the Asian market and increased consumer demand for convenient subscription payments in Europe.

The discussions also delved into the realm of crypto and blockchain, recognizing their significance in the Telemedia and VAS ecosystem. Blockchain technology is expected to underpin numerous aspects of the industry, enabling secure transactions and combating fraud through its ability to establish trust. However, it was the talk surrounding cryptocurrencies that garnered the most attention. As the world moves toward assigning value to everything, provided it can be verified, the role of cryptocurrencies in payment transactions becomes increasingly crucial. In gaming, for instance, virtual coins are already being traded for real money, and loyalty points are also likely to be integrated into crypto economies. VAS providers need to be prepared to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin, and develop mechanisms for converting these currencies into traditional money. Although significant work remains to be done, it is expected that within a year, these processes will become a reality for many, emphasizing the importance of early preparation.

Affiliate marketing was another prominent topic of discussion, primarily focusing on the challenges posed by fraud. While the sector has been plagued by fraudulent activities, a swift response has been witnessed. Many affiliates have vanished, leaving behind reputable, tech-driven networks that have heavily invested in artificial intelligence to combat fraud. External security and fraud detection/prevention firms have also emerged to tackle rogue traffic and bots within the affiliate world. Furthermore, affiliates themselves are developing smarter links to optimize traffic utilization and monetization, leading to an anticipated increase in global traffic and clicks as these mechanisms gain traction.

Messaging, a longstanding

 cornerstone of Telemedia, was examined in the context of OTT (Over-The-Top) and RCS (Rich Communications Service). While OTT messaging services like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber continue to dominate user interactions, opportunities for monetization through these platforms remain an ongoing discussion. SMS, on the other hand, still maintains a significant presence and serves as a fallback option when network connectivity is unreliable. The need for advanced messaging solutions such as RCS was questioned, given the lack of support from the majority of mobile network operators (MNOs) worldwide. Without universal operator buy-in, the success of RCS is uncertain. Additionally, stakeholders need to engage with retailers and brands, who would ultimately finance RCS as a marketing tool, to determine its true viability.

Finally, interactive media, which played a pivotal role in the growth of Telemedia through services like PSMS (Premium Short Message Service), continues to be a vital component of the VAS ecosystem. The paradigm has shifted, with mobile devices now viewed as the primary screen for TV content, as online platforms and applications increasingly rival traditional television. The integration of interactive elements into off-air content, coupled with the inclusion of games and gambling, has become a lucrative revenue stream.

The World Telemedia Show in Marbella provided a comprehensive overview of these topics and more, cementing its position as a significant event for industry professionals. It served as a catalyst for innovation, networking, and deal-making within the Telemedia sector, ensuring that participants stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape.