Innovation at Europe 2023 GCCM and CC-Mobile Messaging Summit 2023 in Berlin

Globtel GmbH, sa leading telecommunications company, is proud to announce its participation as an exhibitor in two upcoming remarkable events: Europe 2023 GCCM and CC-Mobile Messaging Summit 2023. These influential conferences will take place from the 26th to the 28th of June 2023 at the esteemed Hotel Palace Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

The SMS and A2P Messaging industry is experiencing rapid growth and transformation, with more enterprises embracing SMS messaging services to enhance their customer experience. Carrier Community (CC) is organizing the 6th annual Hybrid CC-SMS Messaging Summit, specifically designed for Telco Wholesale players and Enterprise companies. This summit will convene on the 26th and 27th of June 2023 at the Hotel Palace Berlin, bringing together mobile network operators (MNOs), A2P players, aggregators, wholesale carriers, leading messaging players, and technology innovators for networking and knowledge exchange.

With over 300 member delegates from 150+ Operators, the CC-Mobile Messaging Summit will address key aspects of the industry, including Bulk SMS, Omni Channels, Wholesale SMS, SMS Hubbing, SMS Resellers, SMS Aggregators, and SMS and MMS platforms. The event will feature executive panel sessions, sharing insights on the latest industry trends, best practices, case studies, and solutions, offering valuable opportunities to explore the challenges and opportunities within the Messaging industry.

In addition, Carrier Community (CC) is globally recognized for organizing telecom-focused events for its members, the telecom wholesale service providers, and telco ecosystem partners. The 10th annual EUROPE 2023 GCCM – Berlin will take place on the 27th and 28th of June 2023 at the Hotel Palace Berlin. This premier event will bring together 1000+ members and Telco Eco-Partners from various segments, such as Data, Cloud, Application Providers, Voice, SMS Messaging, Mobile, OTT/Content Providers, VAS, Submarine Cable, Enterprises, Satellite, ISP, Data Centers, and other related industries. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, explore business opportunities, engage in knowledge sharing sessions, executive panel discussions, and witness the latest product launches.

These events offer us a unique platform to showcase our innovative solutions and connect with industry leaders, partners, and potential clients. We are excited to share our expertise, discuss emerging trends, and explore collaborative opportunities within the ever-evolving telecom landscape.

Globtel GmbH invites all attendees to visit their exhibition booth during the events. Engage with their team to learn more about their cutting-edge telecom solutions, including Voice and SMS services and also our offerings for MVNOs, eSIM, virtual SIM solutions for IoT, M2M, and roaming services.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact us.

As Globtel GmbH prepares to take part in Europe 2023 GCCM and CC-Mobile Messaging Summit 2023, stay tuned for further updates and announcements. Join the team at these exceptional conferences to explore the latest industry trends, forge valuable connections, and shape the future of the telecom industry.